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Roberts Live Journal
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Below are the 6 most recent journal entries recorded in nefarious0005's LiveJournal:

Saturday, January 14th, 2006
4:19 pm
I haven't posted anything in a while mostly cause I haven't much of anything that would inspire me to write a rap of what I've done lately.
But yesterday I went to see Opus Podunk and it was magical, I quite enjoyed it. Alot of moshin, and throwing Bryant up in the air. I cant wait till I see them again. Well thats all tommorow I'm goin to the auto show then my dads so l8r l8r.!

"can stairs go straight up?"

Current Mood: I feel like FUK
Thursday, December 1st, 2005
9:35 pm
So today was kinda gay "Thanks Rad" J/K. Well neways after school we went to Rads place of origin and watched some T.V. then we watched Beavis and Butthead, yea I know PREY COO! So then after that we decided to do something else so we made this well coordinated plan and it consisted of everyone getting some cash and go to Gutiar Center and then out to eat. So after Bryant, Mike, and I got to Guitar Center Haras called me and I picked up the phone and the voice said "hsdy hdjj djj?" J/K it said that we needed to go ALL-THE-WAY back to like 10 mile "keep in mind Rad was suppost to meet us there with Blythe and Sarah" because she got into a car accident! Turns out she rear-endid so SUV and the SUV peeps said w/e and left (prolly cereal killers) so Rad is gonna not have to pay her ticket or somethin.. Ne ways her cars not that bad, no bumper or headlight, but not that bad. So Rad drove her car back to her house and the guys got some pizza and took it back to Rads. Then we ate and played Super Mario Bros. THE END!!!!
Friday, November 18th, 2005
5:54 pm
I hate these subject things
Well this week has been coo. Lets see what happened.... Tuesday we had a half day and EVERYTHING went worng! First I went home and my room was flooded cause a pipe got loose or somethin. Then when we went to go to my dads Robs car battery died. And comin back from my dads there was like freaking rain like a mother EF'r couldnt see nothin on the freeway. Then wednsday we had BP and we got Rob's uncles Gary's P.A. for Rob's B-Day party saturday and we needed speaker cords so we sent to Guitar Center. I seen this sweet 7-String Squire and I said "I'd buy that if I had a job but I have to be responsible with the little money I had". The next day I bought the guitar it's pretty sweet I'm glad I bought it. Thursday after I bought the guitar me and Bryant picked up his woman and we went to his house to play guitar. Then we went to Sarahs crib and taped stuff on the walls. Then we went to Bryants house where I played guitar as he ate. Then we got Alicia and Samantha and seen Drop Dead. I SUCKED!!! But Blythes laughter and Chuckies noises made it all better. Then today (Friday) I went to my dads and here I am...


Squire Stratocaster METALLIC PURPLE!!!!!

Current Mood: happy
Sunday, November 13th, 2005
1:54 am
Funnest Weekend so far
So Friday you prolly know what happened just look at Blythe or Rads LJ. But saturday we did this impersonater show at some place called Cranks, it included Elvis, Jim Morrison, Frank Sinatra, Gene Pitney, Roy Orbison, Neil Diamond, and some other I dont feel like thinkin right now its 2am. Well it was pretty sweet they were all good I ran the spotlight and did great of course I made $70! YES if I did that once a week I'd prolly have some cash. And there was a guy from 104.3 there and he was really funny his did voices good and did a really funny Rodney Dangerfeild impression. Neways if nething happeny tommorow I'll post OH I'm goin to a Lions game. Well G2G L8r!!!

Current Mood: accomplished
Sunday, November 6th, 2005
10:25 pm
So today was all and all pretty sweet I was awoken @ about 9am this morning after I woke up and did my routine I went to my step-dads bar(Shananigans) and I loaded my truck with the sound equiptment for later today. After if was packed to the BRIM with that stuff we took it to my step-dads other bar (Jimmys Sports Rock) and unloaded it. Then me and Jere went home and ate some food. Then we went to Rob H.'s home and we got all are band equiptment and then went to JSR. After we were all set up we just kinda sat around until Rad, Blythe, & Sarah came. We sat around for a lil then Alicia, Samantha, Winter, & Randy came. Soon after we started playing, it all went pretty well at the end we had a drum off and Jere won because NO SHIT he's the drummer, then we packed up and left. After we went to Robs house we dropped our stuff off and I set mine up and so did Jeremy and we jammed quietly while Rob ate pot roast or something. Then we went to my house because my mom needed someone to watch the girls so she could go get dog food. When she got home Rob, Jere and I went to Alicia's where we watched the rest of Bewitched and then the Sixth Scence. I really wanted to watch A Goofy Movie but they wanted something scary. After that we all went home. FIN

P.S.-Thanks Rad, Sarah, & Blythe for those messages on the Dollars REAL NICE!

Current Mood: tired
Wednesday, November 2nd, 2005
9:52 pm
Ice Cream
So this is my first entry woopdy fuckin doo.....Well today we had a half day @ school because of parent teacher conference and my mom forgot to go. I wanted her to go because I wanted my teachers to say good things about me cause most of my teachers like me. I also found out I'm getting an A is weight training and Bryant is getting an A- LOSER!!!! J/K not really. Well anyways after school we went to Wendys and then took that to Sams house where we ate the food and then sang some Karaoke. Then shortly afterwards we played Sorry but quit cause noone knew how to play. Bryant had to go cause he's gay or something. So then we went to rent a movie and got Kicking and Screaming (Rob H. Choice). We watched most of it before Sam had to go somewhere so we left picked up my brother and Me, Rob, Alicia and Jere went to Robs (Band Practice). We jammed and played some Fiddly Diddly bull shit then stopped cause Rob had a headache. So Alicia and I took my Bro home and went to her house. I seen some pictures of her as a baby and she was imbarresed. Then Sam called and we went over to her house and finished most of the movie till we decided to get Ice Cream and I LOVE banana splits so we got Ice Crean from 31 flavors then went back to Sams and ate it. Alicia had to leave so me and Sam watched some TV. Thats about all L8R.......
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